Server Rules

  • Do not talk about WiZPK
  • Do not advertise WiZPK (on any forum)
  • Do not talk about WiZPK
  • No hacks. (Maphack only exception)
  • Do not insult staff
  • Do not impersonate staff
  • Breaking any rule results in a permanent ban

How to Install

Instructional Video

Text Instructions:

  1. Download 1.13c D2 Directory
  2. Download Installer
  3. Download and run WiZPK
  4. Open Annihilus Launcher and select D2PK and connect

Do not use an official blizzard installer as those come with 1.14 already. Patching over that install will lead to a non-functioning client.

FPK Rules

  • Both parties must say "g" to begin the round
  • Parties will begin in Blood Moor and Cold Plains
  • Mana Potions must be pooled at Moor and Cold Plains by their respective parties
  • No traps, missiles, curses, or attacks of any kind may be casted prior to your opponent saying 'g'
  • Towning or teleporting past Flavie results in a loss
  • If you accidentally town, immediately come directly back out, otherwise this will result in a loss
  • No consumables other than mana potions
  • No shrines or wells
  • Intentionally life leeching monsters, or killing monsters for life per kill is banned
  • Do not cast anything or use any aura once you die
  • Once you are dead and have recovered your body you must stay in town until the round is over
  • No prebuffing (Anything stored in your inventory, including cube is not prebuffing)
  • Max resistance of any element is 85%
  • Max absorb of any element is 20%
  • When using combinations of items to absorb do not exceed 80 Maximum Resistances / 20 Absorb to any single element
  • Life replenish is capped at 42
  • No casting charges from items
  • Use of the following charges are allowed: Oak Sage, Heart of Wolverine, Spirit of Barbs, Summon Grizzly, and Enchant
  • A maximum of 10% slow is allowed
  • A maximum of one poison small charm per inventory
  • No excessive use of houses

Necromancer Rules

  • Bone Wall is banned
  • Bone Prison is allowed versus characters that can teleport
  • All Curses are allowed except Iron Maiden and Life Tap
  • No corpse skills are allowed
  • May use +15% Maximum Fire Resist

Druid Rules

  • Thundergod's Vigor War Belt is allowed

Assassin Rules

  • No WW or WoF sins. LS Trap Only
  • Chaos is banned

Barbarian Rules

  • Prebuffing enchant is allowed
  • Axes Only
  • No Shields